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Help Keep Hauraki Gulf islands pest-free

Thee pests threaten the native wildlife thriving in the Hauraki Gulf/Tikapapa Moana. They can accidently arrive with you - in or on your footwear and gear.

Rats, Mice, Argentine Ants, Rainbow/plague skinks injure and kill our native wildlife and compete for their food.

Weeds such as moth plant and rhammus can alter the habitat that our wildlife need to survive.

Soil can carry disease such as kauri dieback which is killing our native trees.

What can you do?

Boaties and kayakers:Check your boat or kayak thoroughly for pests, soil and seeds – before you leave and between islands in the Gulf. Keep an eye out for signs of pests e.g. droppings, chewed wiring etc. Keep pest bait/traps on your boat or kayak, and where it is stored. Leave your pet at home or on the boat.

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